Whether you are planning a holiday, taking a break or simply away for a day on business or an emergency, I can be there to look after your cat(s). I provide a home visiting service, feeding cats in the comfort of their own home up to 3 visits a day if needed while their owners are away.

If your cats are anything like mine then as soon as the suitcase come out they start to play up as if they know something is up. Cats are very territorial and hate their routine to be disrupted. They are relaxed in their familiar surroundings and can become frightened and stressed if taken out of it. This can then lead to them not eating. They find the experience of a cattery stressful especially being shut up in a small environment with other strange cats in close proximity.

PAWS IN DAWS offers a friendly, reliable cat care service where they will get the personal care and affection they crave.

You will come home to a happy and relaxed cat(s).